DL1 – Dua Lipa

Hey! I’m back again. It’s almost finals week and I’m stressing out. But you know what time it is… Album review time! So without further ado…

Dua Lipa – Dua Lipa (DL1)



  1. Genesis
  2. Lost In Your Light (feat. Miguel)
  3. Hotter Than Hell
  4. Be The One
  5. IDGAF
  6. Blow Your Mind (Mwah)
  7. Garden
  8. No Goodbyes
  9. Thinking ‘Bout You
  10. New Rules
  11. Begging
  12. Homesick
  13. Dreams
  14. Room For 2
  15. New Love
  16. Bad Together
  17. Last Dance

First of all, let me start this review by saying Dua Lipa has won me over. She has my heart. The first song I heard of hers got me hooked immediately. She is now in my top five favorite artists. Her voice is so incredible and powerful. I get chills when I listen to her. I loved seeing her perform in Chicago earlier this year.

So as of right now, you can only preorder this album. The only songs actually available at the moment are Lost in Your Light, Hotter Than Hell, Be The One, Blow Your Mind (Mwah), Thinking ‘Bout You, Room For 2, New Love, and Last Dance. However, she has performed several of these other songs live, so we have an idea of what they’re going to sound like. Dua Lipa has also released a few very short clips previewing some of the songs from her upcoming debut album.

The first song I love is Hotter Than Hell. The song makes me want to dance and sing my heart out. I absolutely love the lyrics. “He calls me the devil. I make him wanna sin.” This was one of the singles that Dua Lipa came out with.

My next song is the first song I heard from her, and what got me hooked. Be The One is absolutely amazing. It’s catchy. It’s got great instrumentals. The lyrics flow so well. “Oh baby c’mon let me get to know ya. Just another chance so that I can show that I won’t let you down, oh no. Cause I could be the one.” Please give this song a listen if you are going to listen to any of the songs.

Thinking ‘Bout You is another personal favorite of mine. It’s a ballad where Dua admits to someone being on her mind and not being able to do anything about it or anything because of it. Seeing her perform this live was absolutely incredible (https://www.instagram.com/p/BQ7HdsygIa5/). If you like more electronic type music, the Decco Remix of this song is amazing too.

My other favorite on this album is New Love. I love the instrumentals in this song. They’re so eerie but cool at the same time. The drum beat in the background mesmerizes you. She does this run in the chorus that is just incredible and so long. Check out the Jarreau Vandal remix of this song, too.

I heard her perform Genesis and Bad Together live and am really excited for those songs as well. I’ve wanted studio versions of them for way too long honestly.

There is one thing that did make me sad about this album, however. One of my favorite Dua Lipa songs happens to be an unreleased one. As a fanbase, we were under the assumption that this song, Want To, would be on the album. A version of the song leaked a while ago, but the studio was going to be so good. Unfortunately, it didn’t make the tracklist, and Dua stated it (and another song called Running“won’t be on the album because they were never finished. We started playing them live, as they were some of the earlier songs I had written. The live versions became really good and the studio versions were not up to that standard, and I didn’t want to release something that wasn’t good enough. If you guys really love them this much, I’ll try and get some live versions out and keep them in the set for as long as I can.” At least we’ll get to hear it live for a long time!

Get ready for DL1 on June 2! Preorder your copy now! I preordered a signed version!


Hunter Hanthorn